Sundstrom SR 99-1 Filter Unit


Filter that purifies ordinary compressed air to breathable quality.

The Sundstrom SR 99-1 Filter Unit Features:

— Removes oil, water, pollutants and smells
— Heavy-duty filters: 2 x P3 (particles) and 1 x A3 (organic gas & vapour)
— Up to 3 outlets
— Robust, rugged construction
— Stand on floor or mount on wall
— Water & oil trap before filter
— Easy to change filter
— Filter lasts up to 6 months

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Clean odourless air with the Sundstrom SR 99-1 Filter Unit

The Sundstrom SR 99-1 Filter Unit is used for producing clean breathing air from ordinary compressed air. The unit consists of a regulator, pre-collector and main filter (SR 292), all of which are mounted in an enclosing steel sheet stand. The unit can be placed on the floor or mounted on a wall. The pre-separator has automatic drainage, separates coarser particles, water and oil. The SR 292 main filter consists of a carbon filter part (500g) , surrounded by two P100 particulate filters. The air is cleaned to remove any remaining particles/gases/vapours/odours. A Y coupling that increases the number of outlets is available as accessory.

Additional information

Weight10 kg
Dimensions45 × 25 × 45 cm

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