About Complete Compressed Air Systems

Company History

Having operated for over 25 years, Complete Compressed Air Systems is a family owned and operated business that provide cost-effective compressed air solutions across a variety of industries, using only the highest quality equipment and components.

What We Do:

  • Design, supply, install, service and maintain compressed air-based systems for breathable air and process air
  • Air Compressor Servicing and maintenance
  • Breakdowns and repair work
  • Spare parts and consumables
  • Routine air quality testing with a certificate of compliance to AS1715:2009
  • Specialist troubleshooting on all types of breathable air systems
  • Air system advice
  • Equipment relocation
  • Air leak detection
  • Supply spare parts and consumables for Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) air systems

What Can We Do To Save Your Business Money?

  • Reduce expensive downtime
  • Minimise painful re-works
  • Lower your company’s energy bills
  • Identify and remedy expensive air leaks
  • Help your company meet OH&S obligations by protecting staff against dangerous airborne isocyanate paints, fumes, dust and other volatiles
Infinity Pipe Systems aluminium pipework complete with additional air receivers.
Compressed Air Pipework

Compressed Air Pipework

Compressors & Accessories

Compressors & Accessories

CCAS specialise in Air Compressor maintenance and servicing programs.

Air Compressor Servicing & Maintenance

Compressed Air Filtration

Compressed Air Filtration


We install many different types of systems, some of which include Polypropylene and Polyethylene (PE) Pipes. These systems can be mechanically joined, and/or fusion welded. We also specialize in fitting Stainless Steel and Aluminium systems to suit any requirements. Whether it is a small workshop, a large manufacturing plant or a simple Air Compressor upgrade, the team at Complete Compressed Air Systems are here to service your needs.

It is our aim to provide Australian business’s with the most cost effective solutions, using only the highest quality equipment and components. Full further info on compressed air quality testing or full “turnkey” maintenance programs for your compressed air needs, please Contact Us today!