Breathing Air Quality Testing

Compressed breathing air quality testing is to the requirements of Australian Standards AS1715:2009. The breathing air quality assessment provides the workers reassurance that the air breathing through their air fed masks/airhood’s is safe in their harsh working environment.

Work Health and Safety Law requires that breathing air must meet specified requirements and tested to an agreed schedule as detailed in Australian Standard AS1715:2009, Selection, Use and Maintenance of Respiratory Equipment. Regular checks are required to identify that there are no contaminates in the supplied air and that sufficient air is provided to the user.

Complete Compressed Air Systems specialise in breathing air quality testing.

Compressed air is used in a wide variety of manufacturing and commercial applications, and in some industries the quality of the air is extremely important

Typical Industries that require regular breathing air quality testing

  • Spray Painting for Automotive Repair & Glass Spraying
  • Furniture Finishers & Cabinet Makers
  • Welding, Sandblasting & Powder Coating
  • Food & Beverage Manufacturing
  • Chemical Manufacturing
  • Pharmaceutical & Medical
  • Confined Space Entry
  • Diving

breathing air quality test provides the workers reassurance that the air breathing through their air fed masks/airhood’s is safe in their harsh working environment.

How is Breathing Air Tested for Compressed Air?

As part of the breathing air quality testing, inline breathing respiratory protection requires an assessment on the compressed breathing air quality, including the following.

Measure the concentration of Oil Mist, Water Vapour, Carbon Dioxide, Carbon Monoxide, Oxygen, Air Temperature, Air Humidity, Air Volume, Odour Air Quality Test;

Assess inline filtration, airlines hoses and that sufficient air is supplied to each user;

A certificate of compliance will be issued outlining air quality results, comments and recommendations as per AS1715:2009.

All testing is conducted by trained technicians using accredited state-of-the-art sampling and analysis methodologies. A separate test is required for each Spray Booth/Airpoint where Breathing Air is used.

How Often Should The Testing Be Conducted?

Complete Compressed Air Systems recommend a program of regular breathing air quality testing on a 6 monthly basis to ensure that workers breathing compressed air are not placed at undue risk. Breathing air quality testing should be conducted and reported to AS 1715:2009 Appendix A – Air Quality Requirements.

For more information on breathing air quality testing for compressors and air cylinders to AS1715 Appendix A, please contact us.

“Not only is regular air quality testing important for workers health, it also gives a good indication of the overall air quality been produced from your air compressor”

Breathing air quality testing

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