Water Separators

Complete Compressed Air Systems stock and install only the best quality equipment from the World’s leading brands.

Complete Compressed Air Systems offer a range of threaded and flanged Compressed Air Water Separators with a proven centrifugal technology and a forward-thinking housing design that delivers market leading water removal efficiencies.

Engineered and manufactured by Walker Filtration, our range of Compressed Air Water Separators are available in a broad range of models with threaded and flanged connection sizes ranging from 1/8” to 12” Rp (BSP Parallel), Rc (BSP Taper) and NPT. Walker Filtration Water Separators have a maximum operating temperature of 120˚C (248 ˚F)*, an operating pressure of up to 20.7barg (300 psig)*, and flow capacities up to 6 SCFM (10 Nm³/hr) up to 15000 SCFM (2550 Nm³/hr).

Used to remove bulk liquid following the compression of air, installing a Water Separator reduces the risk of contamination to production equipment, product spoilage, and costly shutdowns caused by damage of high levels of moisture and condensate in the system.

Walker Filtration Alpha Water Separator
Walker Filtration water separators