AIRnet Compressed Air Pipework

Discover AIRnet Pipework

AIRnet pipework is a compressed air piping system that delivers quality air exactly where you need it, from compressor to the point of use.

Low friction and seamless connections of AIRnet minimise pressure drop thus effectively reducing the cost of ownership of your piping system.

Thanks to a smart design and low weight materials, AIRnet can be installed 70% faster than conventional systems. Pipes and fittings are assembled in just a few steps by a single installer, without the need for heavy machinery.

Complete Compressed Air Systems are proud to be official distributors of AIRnet product in Australia. Contact us today to discuss your next compressed air project.

Optimised production, maximised energy efficiency and minimised total cost.

Continuous Airflow

The AIRnet system is designed with leak-proof connections that prevent losses in flow and energy. Non-corrosive aluminum pipes and full-bore fittings ensure a smooth and sustainable flow throughout the network. Losses due to friction are reduced to a minimum.

Keeps The Pressure Up

Did you know that a pressure drop of 1 bar results in a 7% increase of your energy consumption? To avoid such losses you need to ensure that your piping system is properly sized, leak-free and retains the pressure. AIRnet is an engineered aluminum piping system that can be sized and planned to deliver the desired pressure for a variety of high performing applications.

Sustainable Air Quality

AIRnet is a non-corrossive, durable system that does not affect the quality of the gases transported. This minimises maintenance costs and also costs related to protection of down stream equipment, processes and applications.

Dynamic Design

The ideal piping system can be connected to any existing network and it can be modified easily to meet any changes on the industrial floor. AIRnet answers these needs with a wide range of interchangeable and reusable fittings designed to support upgrades in layout and capacity. That makes AIRnet fast to install, easy to adapt and cost efficient.

Aligned With The Future

Future extensions to an AIRnet installation are easy. Additional piping is simply plugged into the existing network without additional modifications All AIRnet fittings and pipes can simply be reused after they have been disassembled.

The Right Stuff

AIRnet consists of aluminium and polymers. These highly durable materials make it suitable for compressed air as well as for vacuum and Nitrogen gas.

The AIRnet piping system is resistant to corrosion, mechanical shocks, thermal variations and outdoor weather conditions. Thanks to consistently clean quality air, AIRnet protects the downstream manufacturing process and contributes to equipment longevity.

CCAS are proudly official distributors of AIRnet products.
Complete Compressed Air Systems are proud to be official distributors of AIRnet product in Australia.

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