Paints & Coatings

What Can We Do To Help Your Business?

  • Improve paintwork quality and minimise costly re-works by reducing the risk of contaminants (oil, water and particulate matter) in your air lines

  • Optimise air system performance and reduce your associated energy bills by ensuring that your air filtration system is fit for purpose, is properly maintained and has no critical air leaks
  • Ensure employees have safe, breathable air and that your company meets its OH&S obligations by minimising exposure to dangerous isocyanate paints used in the automotive industry


Complete Compressed Air Systems’ Turn-Key Paints & Coatings Solutions Include:

  • Routine air quality testing with a certificate of compliance to AS1715:2009

  • Design, supply, install, service and maintain air systems
  • Replace air filter elements used to filter oil, water, particulates and odour

  • Supply spare parts and consumables for air systems including air-fed masks, filter elements, air hoses, visors and air line fittings