SATA 584 3 Stage Breathing Air System






The new SATA filter 500 series, 100% technically clean air. Clean air is where it all begins. In paint application, this applies particularly to compressed air quality. Even the tiniest quantities of oil or dirt and increased levels of moisture can cause coating flaws leading to time-consuming, costly rework. The SATA filter series 500 is available either as a one-stage sintered filter with water and oil separator, as a two-stage combination filter with sintered and fine filter, or as a three-stage filter unit with additional sintered activated charcoal filter. Every six months, all filter stages are maintained together in a procedure that takes just a few minutes without the need for tools, thanks to the bayonet lock and defined position of the filter cartridges, which are replaced simply by inserting them.

Product Benefits

  • Higher absorption of contaminations (compared to SATA filter 484) due to the new sintered activated charcoal filter
  • Synchronised maintenance: Filter maintenance only necessary every six months for all stages
  • Maintenance-free bayonet lock with haptic and acoustic feedback
  • Fine filter and activated charcoal filter cartridges fit perfectly by simply being inserted – no screw fittings or additional seals
  • Simple plug-in system for upgrading SATA filter 544 to 584
  • Maintenance-free sealing elements
  • Line connection possible either from the left or the right side
  • Air flow at 6 bar: 3,800 Nl/min

Additional information

Weight4 kg
Dimensions50 × 30 × 30 cm