Anest Iwata AF2109CFRB – Airfed Mask Kit



AF2109CFRCB – Airfed Mask Kit Includes:

  • AF2100 full face breathing mask kit
  • AFBH10R air breathing hose 10m with QR fittings
  • Nape Cover, Storage Bag
  • CFRB 2 Stage combination filter regulator and coalescer.




• The Occupational Health and Safety Act clearly includes breathing air quality and the provision of PPE as an employer responsibility, making the use of this type of equipment a priority for all concerned.
• The AF2109CFRCB – Airfed Mask Kit is a Class LDH3 safety device which provides a protection factor of 200 times the occupational exposure limit.
• The AF2109CFRCB – Airfed Mask Kit is fitted with double action safety couplings to prevent accidental disconnection of the air feed line to the mask.
• The AF2100 Air Fed mask features a replaceable visor cover, which allows a panoramic view for the user. The floating headband has four adjustment points, with front and rear adjustment, for superior user comfort. The face seal and sweat band are replaceable for added hygiene.
• Other features include a visual air supply indicator located within the user’s peripheral vision—allowing the user to ensure that air is being supplied at all times.
• The AF2100 is supplied with a waist belt and pre-set air regulator that meets the requirements of AS/NZS1716. The belt includes a pliable bracket that moulds to the user’s body contour and has a quick release buckle, for ease of fitting.
• The unit also comes with a neck and shoulder cover, to provide full protection for the user’s head.
• A 1.2 metre flexible gun whip hose, with ultra light fittings, comes with the unit, to provide enhanced spray gun manoeuvrability.
• The kit is supplied in a robust storage bucket to prevent accidental damage.
• In addition to all the features of the AF2100 Airfed Mask Kit this package includes the 10 metre AFBH10R Air breathing hose. This hose complies with the Australian Standard and should be used wherever breathable quality air is supplied.
• Also included in this package is the CFRB 2 Stage Air Breathing Filter System. Consisting of a filter regulator with 5 micron particle filter and a 0.01 Oil Coalescing Filter this is the minimum required to meet the Australian Standard for breathing air quality**

**Please note; CCAS Solutions recommend a 3rd stage activated carbon filter be installed as not all airfed mask kits have a carbon pre filter on waist belt to remove oil odours. 

Additional information

Weight6 kg
Dimensions60 × 60 × 20 cm

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