SATA 162628 Care Set



  • Cleaning brush, large for the spray gun body
    Art. No. 158 840 (5 x)
  • 5 Cleaning brushes, medium for the fluid tip and all material passages of the spray gun
    Art. No. 6 007 (10 x)
  • 5 Cleaning brushes, double-sided for air caps and fluid tip drillings
    Art. No. 9 209 (10 x)
  • 12 Nozzle cleaning needles for front drillings of air cap and fluid tip
    Art. No. 62 174 (12 x)
  • High performance grease, 100 ml
    Art. No. 48 173 (1 x)



The SATA care set provides space for all utensils required for the cleaning and maintenance of spray guns. Several different brushes to clean spray gun body, air cap and fluid tip as well as all material passages of the spray gun are included in the delivery. The delicate front drillings of the air cap can be cleaned with special needles which are also contained in the care set, while the Silicone-free SATA high performance grease in a 100 ml tube serves to protect springs and gun control elements to keep them working perfectly long term.

Additional information

Weight1 kg
Dimensions20 × 20 × 20 cm