SATA High Performance Grease (100ml)



SATA High Performance Grease (48173)

Silicone and acid free.

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Practice Tip | The nipple has to be lubricated with Silicone-free SATA high performance grease on a regular basis

The following malfunction may occur time and time again:

The nipple, e.g. on the spray gun, locks up the quick coupling of the compressed air hose, or it becomes increasingly difficult to connect or disconnect. For troubleshooting, please proceed as follows:

First check if the nipple or the coupling is damaged. If this is the case, please exchange the respective part as it cannot be repaired. However, if nipple and coupling are undamaged, most probably the O-ring in the coupling is “too dry”. Due to the dry O-ring, the nipple does not slide over the O-ring.

Usually, this problem occurs during use, e.g. when the coupling or nipple have been exposed to either paint or cleaning solution. It is difficult to avoid this. However, it is easy to find a remedy in just two steps:

1. At the front edge of the quick coupling nipple (see illustration) apply a little bit of SATA high performance grease (Art. No. 48173).

2. Then press the nipple 3 to 4 times into the rough-running coupling.

The O-ring should then be sufficiently lubricated and the nipple should easily locate in the coupling.

Enjoy painting!

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