Chicago Pneumatic Rotair Screw Compressor Oil



  • 1 x 5lt bottle of Rotair Oil


Chicago Pneumatic Rotair Rotary Screw Compressor Oil

Rotair compressor oil is an engineered mineral oil with selected additives. This oil is good for up to 2,000 hours or one year. It can be used in normal operating conditions for virtually all applications. Rotair lubricant was most commonly paired with small CPM/CPA rotary compressors. This has a viscosity of 46 at 104F which is the most common viscosity grade for a rotary screw compressor. Although it is rated at 104ºF, this oil is only recommended where ambient temperatures do not exceed 86ºF.

If you operate your compressor in a much more humid or dusty environment, it would be a good idea to use Rotair Plus oil.

Lubricants are essential for the operation of air compressors. For the perfect functioning of your machines you should choose the right lubricant. Rotair line lubricants will ensure optimized performance of your compressors with minimized wear and tear, because the oil has a unique formula designed to realize a compressor’s full potential, maximize its lifetime and keep operational costs to a minimum. The lubricant works to cool down the compression block to protect a compressor from overheating and breakdowns. During a compressor’s operation, deposits could form along the oil path, putting in danger the unit’s proper functioning. The right lubricant will avoid this and eliminate the dirt, safeguarding the integrity of your machine. Oil also works to protect the machine and its rotating parts from wear and tear by providing the right lubrication film, resulting in proper operation at all time.

Rotair is a mineral based oil specifically developed to fit the needs of CP compressors. This lubricant protects your rotatory screw compressors and guarantees outstanding performance at the best operating cost. This fluid has been developed with a unique additive package resulting in an increased detergency that keeps all contaminants from having an impact on your application. Keep firm grip on maintenance and repair costs by only using Rotair approved lubricants and you can rest assured that it will keep the heart of your machine beating at peak performance and trouble-free running hours.

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