Condensate Drains


Economy applications condensate drain

The EZ-1 is an economy applications timer controlled condensate drain.
The EZ-1 is suitable for all compressed air system components (compressors, after coolers, dryers, filters, pressure vessels and drip legs), regardless of their size or capacity – simply adjust the interval and discharge times to suit the particular compressed air system.
The EZ-1 is designed for all compressed air system components and incorporates a wide voltage range.


Digital timer controlled compressed air condensate drain

The COMBO-D-LUX is an all-in-one digital timer drain with an integrated ball valve and strainer. The unit offers true digital time cycle programming luxury.

The COMBO-D-LUX saves installation time and protects against large particles found in condensate, thanks to the integrated ball valve and strainer.

The unit can be shut off from the compressed air system, enabling easy and safe work to be carried out.


Direct Cylinder operated level sensed drain

The NUFORS-DC removes condensate from compressed air systems without using electricity. The discharge process is automatic and is based on a 2/2 way level controlled valve principle that operates a direct cylinder valve.

The NUFORS-DC is ideally suited in applications where power is not available, too expensive or not reliable.

The integrated stainless steel strainer protects the valve, optimising the discharge performance.

The condensate level can be viewed through the sight-port that offers a visual monitoring.

JORC Condensate Drain Valve


Multi-point timer controlled condensate drain

The TEC-55 is a multi-point timer controlled condensate drain, designed to control up to four valves (draining points).
A typical compressor installation has a compressor, aftercooler, dryer, filter(s) and a receiver (airtank). All draining points can now be centrally controlled by the TEC-55.

This multi-voltage, sequential controller can drain up to four outlets.