Respiratory risks in spray painting

Industrial painters can run the risk of long-term respiratory heath issues should the correct Respiratory Protection Equipment (RPE) not be worn when working with hazardous paint, such as two-pack Polyurethane.

Two-pack Polyurethane paints contain isocyanates such as polyisocyanates which, when inhaled, can trigger asthma-like symptoms which would result in an individual no longer being able to work with isocyanates.

It is recommended that where possible non-isocyanate paints are used, however when their use is unavoidable, they should be sprayed only in a fully enclosed spray booth that vents safely outside. The individual/s spraying the paint should be fitted with a full-face supplied-air respirator, ensuring the compressed air system is serviced and maintained, with filters replaced frequently.

Individuals working with isocyanates should ensure regular lung function testing with their health professional.