TST Oetiker Swing Coupling


Safely swing to connect with full flow. Connects easily and quickly with no force required and no loss of pressure in the system. Compatible with standard PCL coupling profile. Just a turn and the air vent ensures that the hose is ventilated – thus rendering it harmless.

Durability, reliability, simple and safe handling are features of all OETIKER Swing Couplings. OETIKER Swing Couplings fulfill all the requirements of current quality standards and have also been awarded a type examination certificate from the Swiss Accident Insurance Institute SUVA.

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TST Oetiker High Pressure FULL FLOW SWING Coupler with an
unrestricted through bore id of 8mm. This product is not like any other quick release
couplers in the market place, it has the best flow, made from quality materials, solid
positive locking mechanism, delivers the best in safety with unique purge before
disconnection and has a higher safe working pressure than other couplers!

This coupler does not use a standard style of valve, its unique valve system allows for
full flow through the coupler without restrictions. This ensures your tool or product gets
the maximum amount of air it needs – making sure it performs to its intended level!
Also it is safer than any other coupler as it has a solid safety locking mechanism and
also purges the line before the coupler can be disconnected – eliminating any risk of
hose “whip” during disconnection. You can also order the optional protective safety
cover (see Associated Products Tab) protect it and it also serves to eliminate any risk
of vent air from contacting the operators hands.

No matter whether you are operating in mining, offshore oil & gas, heavy or light
manufacturing, automotive or transport industries this is the one proven solution for
quick release pneumatic couplers!

This coupler series (DN8) accepts the Japan style plug fittings so you can utilise the
most common plug profile in the world without having to retrofit to use them. See
Associated Products for available options and if you cannot find what you are looking
for simply Contact Us!

Full product datasheet here

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Thread Size

1/4" mbsp, 1/4" fbsp, 3/8" mbsp, 3/8" fbsp, 1/2" mbsp, 1/2" fbsp, Hose 10 x 6.5mm, PU 10 x 6.5mm, Hose 12 x 8mm, PU 12 x 8mm, Hose 16 x 11mm, PU 16 x 11mm


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