• Delivers up to 54g per stroke
  • Adjustable rigid extension
  • Compatible with grease pails up to 20kg
  • Maximum viscosity – Up to NLGI 2
  • Wetted parts: Aluminium, steel, brass, Nitrile rubber and Teflon
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Product Overview:

The J3 Grease Transfer Pump was designed for fast, easy bulk filling of grease guns. This provides an economical solution for refilling most standard grease guns from bulk pails instead of purchasing more expensive grease cartridges. The sealed system also keeps grease free from contamination.

The J3 is ideal for refilling Macnaught’s range of manual and air powered grease guns via the 9mm filler / bleeder valve. The MINILUBE® can be refilled from the J3 by transferring directly into the container using the follower plate as a guide. A height adjustable lid and pump assembly offers compatibility with several different size grease pails up to 20kg. The J3 is the best choice for high volume / low pressure grease transfer, especially in remote or on-the-job applications.

Features & Benefits

  • Easy grease gun fill connection – Either refill or top-up cartridge guns (via a filler/bleeder valve) or K7 MINILUBE by refilling containers.
  • Delivers up to 54g per stroke – Allows quick grease filling/refilling
  • Dual purpose rubber edge follower plate – Adaptable for either straight or tapered containers
  • Height adjustable lid and pump assembly – Compatible with grease pails up to 20kg
  • Fully repairable – Provides a much longer service life
  • Filler nozzle suits all Macnaught grease guns and K7-24 and K7-67 containers – Easy grease gun fill connection
  • J65 bulk fill nozzle – Adjustable outlet tube
  • Carry handles – Portable go anywhere grease transfer system
  • Fully sealed grease transfer system – Contamination free grease transfer every time
  • Compatible with most greases up to NLGI No.2 viscosity – Versatility of use
  • Rubber edged follower plate – Wipes container clean to use all of the grease in the container, prevents air pockets and contamination
  • Can refill a cartridge grease gun in around 8 pumps

Package Includes

  • J3 Grease transfer pump
  • Height adjustable lid assembly
  • Rubber edge follower plate
  • Rigid extension

Recommended to be used with

  • TR5-01: Drum Trolley
  • J3-HOSE: Extention Hose

Additional information

Weight4 kg
Dimensions55 × 50 × 65 cm


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