Ceccato Beltair Pro 100 Piston Compressor



  • BELTAIR PRO Cast Iron Piston Compressor
  • Single Phase 240v
  • 3HP 2.2kW
  • 100ltr Air Receiver


Quality, efficiency and user comfort

BELTAIR PRO is an evolution of our belt driven professional piston compressors that brings even more features and efficiency to our product
offer. This range consists in single and two stage designs. Single stage pump technology foresee a large cylinder bore and stroke that allowed
to run at low speed, achieving important benefits as low noise level and high comfort. Moreover, it reduce working temperatures and wear and
increase reliability.

Application areas

Piston compressors are mostly suitable for small compressed air requirements; one-stage compressors for pressures up to about 8 bar, while
several stage versions can produce up to 15 bar. Operation should be intermittent. An air-cooled piston compressor’s load level must not exceed 60-70%.
After 2 minutes of compression, the compressor must rest for at least 1,5 minutes. We recommend keeping the total compression time per day to a maximum of approximately 4 hours.


• ON/OFF pressure switch for easy control
• Pressure reducer to adjust desired outlet pressure
• Handle and wheels for easy transport
• Steel fan guard for protection
• Cast iron cylinders for improved cooling
• After cooler for reduced air temperature
• Slow speed pump engineered technology

Additional information

Weight91 kg
Dimensions93 × 52 × 90 cm

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