ATS OWS 510 Oil Water Separator


  • ATS OWS 510 Oil Water Separator 300CFM 8.5m3/min


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Condensate treatment

During the standard function, compressors produce huge quantities of condense contaminated by oil. This liquid cannot be discharged in the outdoors and has to be treated by a specialized company in order to protect the environment.
ATS developed the Gold series of oil water separators OWS, which remove oil contaminants from the condensate, in order to discharge the water directly in the drainage.
This is not a normal oil water separator: no decantation tank; no external tank to collect oil; simple, fast and effective condensate treatment. The unique advanced design and bag material of high quality , assure an extreme level of filtration.

The OWS Gold separators offer:
• high performances also for new synthetic oils for compressors, that cannot be separated from condensate by traditional ways, such as decantation
• simplified maintenance and consequent reduction of maintenance costs
• lower concentrations of oil, less than 10 ppm/l or lower (by a regular replacement of bags)
• compact dimensions and easy installation
• twin solution, the only separators that can work by this particular combination with two or more separators
• ecological and user-friendly material
• high reliability: the production in our factories in compliance with high quality standard, skilled workers and high quality materials assure high reliability and performances.

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