Alpha Series Water Separators

Bulk water can be found in all compressed air systems.

This can be very costly, resulting in corrosion, damage to tools and machinery downtime.

Walker Filtration manufactures a range of water separators to remove 99% of bulk water. This highly efficient product enhances the reliability of compressed air systems, eliminating the problem of costly downtime.

Significantly reduces maintenance costs

The unique fins on the centrifugal module have been custom engineered using the latest CFD software to identify and eliminate points of low efficiency, ensuring excellent liquid removal even at low flow velocities.
The shield at the bottom of the module prevents re-entrainment of separated water and creates a calm zone allowing for bespoke drainage options

Exceptional performance levels

¼” to 3″ threaded housings are manufactured in robust cast aluminium alloy with a corrosion protective Walker E-Coat™ finish.

No replacement components are required making Walker Filtration’s water separators a viable, cost effective solution.

Tested in accordance with ISO 12500-4.