Air Fittings

CEJN Premium Quality Compressed Air Fittings

CEJN Series 315 air couplings are lightweight and easy to handle yet strong and durable. The CEJN Series 315 includes a wide range of connections as well as anti-hose whip nipples. Male threads on the couplings and nipples feature pre-applied thread sealant.

Extremely high flow capacity
Low connection force
One-hand operated

CEJN Series 342 couplings withstand extremely rough handling in extra tough applications. The Series features a zinc-plated steel construction with a locking sleeve made of hardened zinc-plated steel. The CEJN Series 342 offers a wide range of connections, as well as anti-hose whip nipples. The automatic safety-locking feature prevents unintentional disconnection.

Automatic safety-locking feature
Extremely high flow capacity
One-hand operated

The Atlas Copco MultiFlex swivel is an ingenious multi-directional connector. Connect your tool and the hose will stay in the ideal position however much you and the tool move around. The MultiFlex bends and rotates 360° in all directions while the hose stays straight. It takes the effort out of working in those cramped spaces, the hose feels almost weightless and it reduces hose wear.
Features & benefits

Improved Ergonomics, Less Strength Is Needed To Move Around Tool And Hose
Reduced Hose Wear
High Flow Capacity And Low Pressure Drop
Strong And Durable For Long Life-Time

CEJN Series 320 couplings feature the original high-flow valve design upon which all other CEJN pneumatic couplings are based. Their popularity has made Series 320 a European standard. The CEJN Series 320 is easy-to-handle and one-hand operated and offers long service life. Male threads on the couplings and nipples feature pre-applied thread sealant. Lightweight aluminum styles are also available. The CEJN Series 320 vented safety version is disconnected in two stages in order to vent the coupling and minimize the risk of sudden component separation, which has the potential to cause operator injury. Full automatic operation ensures easy handling. The vented safety version complies with ISO Standard 4414 and EN 983.

Extremely high flow capacity
Easy to connect
Strong and durable

This unique fitting design was developed primarily for air tools in assembly line applications. Operators of these tools run an increased risk of cumulative trauma disorders (CTD’s) due to repetitive motion, vibration and pressure from the weight of the tool and supply hose.

360° circular rotation and 45° angled rotation.
Helps alleviate carpal tunnel syndrome and back stress resulting in fewer lost-time injuries.
Lightweight, streamlined design protects against finished surface mutilation.
Two rotation points prevent kinking of the supply line.
Nickel-plated steel construction for long service life.
Steel dust cover protects rotating joint.