Air Compressor Best Practice in Winter

Air Compressors are affected by extreme weather conditions, whether it be the heat or the cold, and it is therefore important to ensure you take necessary steps to ensure your air compressor continues to operate efficiently, and to prevent any major breakdowns.

When ambient temperatures drop below 5 degrees Celsius a variety of issues can occur, such as thickened compressor oil and frozen condensate. Following the below necessary steps will assist in preventing damage to, or complete shutdown of, your air compressor.

  1. Maintain the ambient temperatureIf your air compressor is located indoors, the most obvious solution is to maintain the ambient temperature by keeping your air compressor in a heated and insulated compressor room. When the air compressor isn’t in use, the temperature simply needs to be above freezing. When the air compressor is in use, the temperature should be kept above 7 degrees Celsius.If a dedicated compressor room is created, consideration should also be given to how high ambient temperatures affect air compressor operation, and appropriate ventilation and cooling should also be installed. More information regarding air compressors and high ambient temperatures can be found in this article:
  2. Drain condensate more regularlyCondensate is a natural by-product of operating an air compressor and in winter months, particularly if the air compressor is located outdoors, the amount of condensate can increase due to additional moisture in the air.Condensate should be drained daily to ensure it doesn’t build up, freeze and cause serious damage to the compressed air system.
  3. Consider Trace HeatingAn air compressor isn’t the only component of a complete compressed air system that can be affected by the cold. The pipes themselves can freeze and become blocked which can cause serious problems to the compressed air system. Trace Heating in the pipes is a solution to prevent this from happening.
  4. Maintain servicingTo ensure your air compressor continues to operate efficiently during the colder months, it is important to maintain regular servicing every 6 months. There are also some steps you can take in between services which can be found in this article: